Trash Collection, Clean-Up and Garbage Pick-Up Services

Did you just move into a new house in the Rockwall area? Do you have junk accumulating outside your home and you're ready for it to disappear? Call Crouch Trash Service to schedule a weekly pick-up for your household waste or call in our team to clear the outside of your home of unsightly mess and transport it to the dump.

We’re here to save you time and energy, and we’re only a phone call away.

Crouch Trash is owned and operated by local business owner Jason Crouch. We live in North Texas and support our local community. Choose a trash service that cares about our community because we want the same things: clean collection, environment-friendly disposal, and personalized, friendly service.

We offer trash pick-up services with varying frequencies, though most of our clients find that a weekly pick-up service works best for them.

If you’ve got some spring cleaning to do or have junk sitting outside that needs to go, we offer clean-up services. That means we’ll handle the heavy lifting and the transport of materials to the dump so you don’t have to set aside the time and energy to do it yourself.

If you’re interested in learning more about our trash clean-up and pick-up services, call the Crouch Trash Service office in today to speak to a team member and get a free estimate.

  • Please have your trash out by 7:00 AM on your normal scheduled day

  • We pick up trash from 7am to 6pm Monday - Saturday